Aketek Industries

More than 35 years ago the first prototype was built by Dr.Ake Hörnell in 1976. The Auto-darkening Welding helmet was introduced to the market in early 1980s and the company Hornell Elektrooptik/International grew rapidly to become the world market leader, with the trade name Speedglas being well known by welders around the
world. Aketek is a new company founded by Dr. Hörnell with the mission to introduce Auto-
Darkening Welding Helmets to the Asian markets. By using the previous experience and some new developments Aketek is proud to introduce the new product --View which has been designed with the welders needs in focus. It is an economical, easy to use and high performance product. That makes it one of the safest and most reliable brands of auto- darkening welding helmet available. Aketek is
aiming at becoming one of the world's leading brands of personal protective equipment for welders.